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Increase the efficiency of your employees and decrease downtime by including a centralised network in your office. Are you aware of the man hours you stand to lose, particularly if you have a huge office, and your employees have to physically pass on documents to others? Are you aware that you can cut down on those wasted hours by using technology such as audio visual aids to convay information or by networking their computers together? You can also use the help of the internet to pass on information from one branch of your office located in one country to that located in a different country. However, you also need to keep an eye on your employees my maintaining a centralised and password protected HR database.

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Are you worried about staggering utility bills?

Are you sure that your employees are not using their office phone for their private discussion? This can increase your phone bills substantially... the inflation depending on the number of employees resorting to such malpractices. It is the same with the internet bills of your office too, especially if your internet service provider has a cap implemented on the amount of free data usage. Studies reveal that many employees use their office's internet connection to chat or watch movies when they are not busy or during the lunch break. Some of them even download movies and save them on their pen drive for viewing later on.

Prevention is always better

You might monitor their activities by installing close circuit cameras. However, this is not an ideal solution since you cannot check whether the mail they are composing is for office work or for sending mail to their friends and relatives. Most employees are smart enough to cover their track and delete traces of stuff they should not have downloaded. You can prevent this problem from occurring by routing the internet connection via a server, connected to their desktop through a local area network. Installing specialised HR database software on the server helps generate and maintain a log of the activities of each of your employees.

Same principle for phones

You can use the same principle for all the phones in your office by connecting them through an EPABX connected to the server. This records information about incoming and outgoing allows calls your employees received or made on the HR database. Since this database is password protected, only those who have the password can modify its contents. You can significantly cut down the recurring expenses of your office by this method.