A Quick Tour Through The Hungry Shark World

hungry shark world review

Guide For Hungry Shark World Game

The following article is a quick guide for the Android and iOS mobile game Hungry Shark World. It will illustrate all the different Shark setups, prominent missions, and venues of sea creatures in the game. Your primary objective is to become the biggest shark in the sea, eating up smaller fishes, escaping from other sharks and unlocking new places to visit. This is a simple game that does not require much time and effort to master, but there are a lot of areas which the players should know. Moreover, the parents of the gamers need to be aware of a few things.

Sequel of The Old Game

Game forms a sequel to the Hungry Shark Evolution Game. As you swim through an ocean full of prey, and other predators, you require eating stuff to survive. So, as you play more, you will go one level up to unlock new sharks and advance your shark capabilities. There are various options available to purchase in-game items to make your shark stronger or to unlock other sharks quicker. While on the one hand, you are eligible to play without paying real money, utilizing your credit card is a good idea to play the game.

Learning how to play this game is reasonably straightforward. Use the thumb of your right hand to mobilize the shark in the screen enabling it to chase and eat other fish to survive.  You cannot swim long without eating fish. So, if you see a message indicating that you are starving, you must start eating something as soon as possible. You should stay away from large octopi since they will shock you. Bigger sharks can potentially eat you. So they must be avoided. There is lots of stuff you can eat but beware of enemies and explosives that can take your life.

You can make your shark grow stronger by using upgrades that help in getting more fish. You can also upgrade your growth and food. Some of the upgrades are visual, like for example, headphones, jewelry, and scarves. Pause the game, and consequently, you will notice game’s missions that may assist you to go one level up in a quicker fashion and get more in-game items. If you meet your death, you can pay or watch an advertisement to carry on playing with that life. It is worth the expense.

You can indulge in various app purchases for the game. While playing this game, you will notice numerous opportunities to expend real world money on upgrades which unlocks sharks faster, opens up maps and unlocks new accessories. There are tools which claim to help you acquire unlimited gold, unlimited gems or unlock all the sharks. This tool is known as hungry shark world hack apk, but most cannot assist you, beyond a certain extent. Knowing how to utilize each shark better is one of the biggest lessons taught by playing this game. Once you upgrade, you will learn to handle the larger sharks. Thus you have to learn what to eat and what not to eat in this beautiful game.

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