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Best 5 Guns of Latest Pixel Gun 3D Update

Hey fellas, I know everyone wants to know about which gun is the best in the whole pixel gun 3d game. Because the gun is the one and only important part of the game as we all know that if you got a good gun, then you can defeat each and every enemy in front of you easily. So lets get started about top 5 pixel gun 3d guns in this latest updated pixel gun 3d game version 11.0.0

5) Solar Power Canon

solar power canon

Despite of that this gun is really overpower, But it does have its particular uses. Because this gun can be used against the Storm Hammer, Adamant Armor and things like that. Its area damage is very good as far as ground battles concern. Basically, you can take out heavily armored pleayers easily. And the best thing about this gun is, most of the times you just need to shoot the gun only once and the enemy will start burning and will die in one shot only. This is just like one shot one kill.

4) The HellRaiser

the hell raiser

One of the best part or we can say the best feature of this gun is its make the long range firing very easy. I think you can say that this gun is nothing different from the sniper rifle if you ignore its shape little bit. Ruby armor players and adamant armor players may feel difficult to face this weapon. Also the speed is very good of this weapon. So you don’t need to worry about the speed for this gun.

3) PSR


PSR the weapon that most of the guys heat it. I don’t know why but in my point of view, this gun is awesome. Actually you can take out the enemies with heavily armed so this gun is very good against the heavily armed players. Its got the 7 ammos which is very efficient quantity in terms of shooting at one time so this makes sense that it should be in your weapons list.

2) Shuriken Thrower

shurekin thrower

You guys must be surprised that how I have added this gun to the 2nd place in this list. But trust me guys if you use this weapon at its best, then it will give you the best results that you never imagined from this weapon. Shuriken will take less than 4 ammo maximum to take down the fully armored guy in front of you. This is the best and the best thing I love about this weapon.

1) The Laser Crossbow

laser crossbow

Everytime you upgrade this weapon, you will notice that your stats will get better and better everytime you shoot this weapon. This is the best functionality of this weapon I like. This is the only thing that can shoot through walls and also through the peoples in the same line and the laser is mind blowing of this gun. The scope is very good. If you have this gun, then you don’t need additional pixel gun 3d hack. You can find all features of psr in this gun but this crossbow is far better than psr and that is the fact.

Hope you guys liked the top guns from pixel gun 3d 11.0.0 update and please do share this and comment for more.…

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